Who am I?

Who I am? Just a happy, ordinary guy from Denmark, born in 1981, with an extraordinary passion for travelling and adventure.

Multiple trips and travels up through my 20s had brought me many places in the world; exploring, backpacking, studying, cycling, working and meeting people. The travels and adventures never fully cured my curiosity and likely, hopefully, never will. So, my mind got spinning and on a cold April morning in 2011, I rolled out of my home in Copenhagen with a dream to cycle around the world. I haven’t been home since.

My bicycle carried me south through Eastern Europe, cross Turkey and into the Stans of Central Asia, down through India, a looping route through Southeast Asia, across the middle of Australia and a full circle around New Zealand. I then flew to the Southernmost city on Earth, Ushuaia in Argentina, and cycled up through the Andes Mountains of South America, through Chile, Bolivia and Peru, before arriving in Ecuador. I stopped to think a little: I had crossed 30 countries and traversed 4 continents in 2,5 years, with 43.000km behind me, longer than the equatorial circumference of our planet. Something needed to change.

Together with a bulgarian friend, I ventured deep into the jungle of Ecuador where we befriended a Shuar tribal family and spent a month constructing a big, beautiful bamboo raft. Pushing ourselves off the shores, we floated 3000+km through 3 countries down the mightiest river on planet Earth, The Amazon. Vast expanses of untouched, wild rainforest, indigenous tribes, an unpredictable river, tropical storms and a fearful presence of river pirates was on the menu for those 5 months of unforgettable adventure. To process it, I spent 2 months in Caribbean Colombia, writing a book about the experiences from the raft.

Then I got itchy feet. A long walk, through the wilderness, packed in beauty, seemed to be the cure and the Pacific Crest Trail offered just that: from Canada to Mexico on foot.


And oh yeah, I have also worked a nine-to-five, sort-of: I have a master degree in marine civil engineering and used to construct offshore windfarms. Never bought a house or a car; instead I saved up my money and blew them on something, that I, figured was much more fun.

I am not a pro-athlete, special-ops soldier or anything even close to a superhuman. I just like to travel, to see the world, to meet people and the excitement of adventure. Though I don’t mind strenuous activities and the lovely feeling of exhaustion, I don’t consider myself particularly physically strong. If you like what you are doing, you can push yourself very far.

Life’s good

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