a bamboo raft down the Amazon


a homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River. Unsupported.

This is the story of two guys who ventured deep into the Ecuadorian jungle where they constructed a bamboo raft and floated for 4 months unsupported through the vast wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest on the largest river on our planet.

Peycho and Henrik spent a month constructing the raft, on their own design ideas and quickly after they departed, they met Misha, who became a part of the raft. Throughout the 4 months, they lived out their intrepid adventure, sucking up everything that was thrown at them: A wild and unpredictable river, violent crashes, a somewhat uncontrollable raft, virgin jungle, indigenous tribes, tropical rainstorm that took their roof and a fearful presence of river pirates.


The Book: We drifted into the Amazon.HENRIK COVERresized

– a homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River, unsupported.
by Henrik Frederiksen

ebook on sale at amazon.com + 10 other amazon sites: 4.99$ (VAT may apply)

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